The 2018 application season is in full swing with deadlines for most states due in the next four months. Below is an “executive summary” of the most important current and upcoming deadlines. As a planning tool, we maintain a more complete list of draw opportunities online at www.huntingreport.com/permit_deadlines.cfm.


303-297-1192; http://cpw.state.co.us

The 2018 big game deadline is April 3 for all drawing permits. Bighorn sheep and mountain goat permits are covered in one booklet; elk, deer, pronghorn and bear are covered in a separate booklet. You must pay for one $10 conservation stamp each year and submit the entire license fee with your application.


208-334-3700; https://idfg.idaho.gov

The 2018 hunting license went on sale Jan. 1, 2018. A nonresident hunting license ($154.75) is required for all applications. Moose, bighorn sheep or goat applications will be accepted April 1–30. If you apply for one of these species, you cannot apply for any other species (except depredation hunts). Deer, elk, pronghorn and fall black bear applications will be accepted starting May 1 with a due date of June 5.


620-672-5911; http://ksoutdoors.com

The 2018 nonresident deer permit draw application period will be April 1–30. Online or phone applications only. The nonresident deer permit fee is $346.96. If successful in the draw, a nonresident hunting license ($72.50) is also required.


406-444-2950; http://fwp.mt.gov

Applications for 2018 deer and elk combo packages or deer or elk permits are due March 15; deer B tags, elk B tags and all antelope applications are due June 1. Sheep, goat, moose and bison applications are due May 1, 2018. All applicants must purchase the $10 conservation license in addition to tag and application fees.


775-688-1500; www.ndow.org

The 2018 deadline for the mule deer guide draw is March 9. Application periods for all other draw hunts (bighorn sheep, pronghorn, deer and elk) are March 19–April 16, 2018. Remember that a $142 nonresident general license is necessary to apply for any tags.

New Mexico

505-476-8000; www.wildlife.state.nm.us

Applications for ibex, oryx, Barbary sheep, deer, elk, pronghorn, javelina and bighorn sheep are now being accepted online with a deadline of March 21, 2018. Nonresident quotas now apply to all drawing permits. A $65 nonresident license is required to apply for any tag, and the fees must be paid at the time of application.


503-947-6100; https://myodfw.com

Applications for controlled deer, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep and pronghorn are due May 15, 2018. All hunters must purchase a $167 hunting license before applying.

South Dakota

605-223-7660; www.gfp.sd.gov

Private land “special buck” deer tag applications are accepted March 15–April 13, 2018 (both East River and West River). Blackhills and West River deer accepted June 14–July 13, 2018. Other application periods occur later in the year.


360-902-2464; http://wdfw.wa.gov

Multi-hunt applications (allow hunters to hunt all three seasons for deer or elk) are due March 31, 2018. The 2017 application deadline for mountain goat, bighorn sheep, moose or draw tags for bear, turkey, deer and elk was May 24; expect a similar date for 2018.


307-777-4600; www.wgfd.wyo.gov

Pronghorn and deer applications are due May 31, 2018. Points applications are accepted July–Oct. 31, 2018.