This Hunting/Touring Combo Trip to Italy Is A Great Spouse Payback Trip

Jim Kenny and his wife have reported on red stag and chamois hunt in northern Italy with World Hunting Society, booking their hunt and tour through Worldwide Trophy Adventures (; 435-656-0205). We introduced readers to World Hunting Society (WHS) in our June 2016 issue (see Article 3800). Though this outfitter only started offering hunts in 2012, the agency’s partners have long-established connections in Italy and can offer stays in privately owned castles and villas and access to private hunting grounds otherwise not available to the general public. They also offer customized tours and cultural experiences tailored to clients’ interests and arrange these activities along with the hunting.

In Report 10700, Kenny writes, “My wife and I had never been to Italy, and we wanted a hunt and tour combo. World Hunting Society’s Leone Rossi di Montelera arranged every detail. This was one of our finest travel and hunting experiences ever.

“We toured Rome and Florence with art-historian guides before meeting with hunting guide Luca Omodeo in Milan. He took us to a private area near Turin (site of the 2006 Winter Olympics) to hunt red stag and chamois. This was a free-range, spot-and-stalk hunt during the roar. Omodeo also accompanied us on a tour through wine country, a truffle hunt and a stay in Turin. He was fantastic as both a hunting and tour guide.”

We heard more from Kenny about his hunt in a follow-up phone call. “We first saw this hunt advertised through Cabela’s and got in touch with Frank Cole at Worldwide Trophy Adventures (Editor’s note: Worldwide Trophy Adventures took over Cabela’s outfitting business, Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures, in early 2016. See Article 3767.)

“Rossi met us in Rome and got us set up in our hotel. We had a very personable, well-educated guide in Rome take us through the Vatican and ancient historical sites. WHS has a personal touch, and we even went to mass with Rossi and had dinner at his home before heading to Florence, where another excellent art historian took us around the city. All travel was perfectly organized.

“Omodeo, an orthopedic veterinarian who takes time off to guide, took us to the Piedmont region from Milan. We hunted a huge private area in the mountains. We would take the Jeep up before sunrise and could hear four or five stags roaring, which was very exciting. We would follow a certain roar and sometimes post up waiting for stags to herd hinds past us. We climbed some considerable inclines in the mountains with a mixture of wooded gullies and open grazing areas. The views were simply breathtaking. I did not take a shot until the third morning, when I took a very nice stag.

“My wife hunted chamois in the same area. Omodeo had other guides in the area to spot. Once chamois were located, we would climb to get level with the animals and then approach from the side. She got her chamois on the afternoon of the third day.”

“We stayed in a ski chalet and ate Omodeo’s excellent cooking along with lunches at local trattorias. We borrowed quality Blaser rifles from WHS at no charge, which made travel easier. After the hunt, Omodeo acted as our travel guide and gave us a local’s experience, including a truffle hunt and a visit to a cheesemaker. We stayed at an excellent hotel with a Michelin-starred restaurant in Turin.”

“I strongly recommend WHS. They do great job and have excellent personnel with good local connections. We were always presented with options for what to do and enjoyed a great vacation. My wife and I both want to do a roe deer hunt in Tuscany with WHS soon.”