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The Hunting Report is like no other hunting publication. It is a premium monthly newsletter and information service for hunters who travel and want the facts and actionable advice necessary to enjoy hunts-of-a-lifetime.

Unlike other publications and websites that promote hunting operations or provide entertaining stories “about” hunting, we actually recommend and turn thumbs down on specific hunting areas… issue warnings… critique good and bad outfitters… report on news developments that affect you when you travel to hunt…  and tell you honestly whether you should or should not pay good money to visit a given destination, from the Arctic to Zimbabwe.

The Hunting Report exposes hunting misinformation, such as “tricky” quotes on air charter costs and “permit scams.” We attack government bungling, unethical practices, and poor treatment of hunters wherever it occurs worldwide.

The Hunting Report is not found on newsstands nor sold as individual issues. It is sent directly to you, exclusively by subscription. Not every hunter knows about The Hunting Report because The Hunting Report isn’t for every hunter. It’s written for serious hunters who want to know what the entire hunting world has to offer and who are willing to venture around the world to find it. Your fellow subscribers are the most experienced hunters and travelers in the world, not masses of backyard hunters, weekend warriors or dabblers seeking vicarious thrills.

Our articles are boots-on-the-ground intelligence reports directly from the field, giving you the good, the bad and the ugly details you need to decide if a particular hunt is worthy of your attention and hard-earned time and money.

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