Short and Sweet Mule Deer Hunt in California

Short and Sweet Mule Deer Hunt in California

Some bucks were still in velvet on Matt Dupon’s California mule deer hunt

In a recent report, subscriber Matt Dupon recommends a September mule deer hunt in California with guide Josh Schulgen of Kika Worldwide (; 909-702-0515). Although Dupon did not hunt one of California’s ‘prime deer’ areas, he did need preference points to draw the tag; he is a resident of the state. We corresponded with Dupon for more information on his hunt.

“I had seen some of the animals Kika Worldwide has produced over the last couple of years, especially the new CA state record desert bighorn, ‘Goliath,’ that Jason Hairston killed. I called them about a mule deer hunt, and they suggested a unit to apply for in the Central California Sierra Mountains. I decided to go with their suggestion, and am glad I did.

“I’m a California resident so I had pretty good drawing odds. I had 9 points going in, but I don’t know how many it actually took to draw (it wasn’t 9 points).  The tag I drew is considered a better unit but probably not a prime unit. It would have taken me several more years to draw are prime area like Goodale (G3).

“The guide on my trip, Josh Schulgen, did an excellent job and ran a very good camp. We slept in wall tents and the food was great, too. He also had two other assistant guides, Jake and Clint, who joined us. The pack out was a few miles and in somewhat rough terrain, so their presence was very helpful.

“We spotted a nice 4×4 within 10 minutes on the evening before the opener. We planned to go after him the next morning, but we couldn’t find him again. While sitting on top of the mountain at about 8:00 AM, Josh glassed up the buck I ended up killing later in the morning after a good stalk. He was a 27-inch wide 4×4 with an extra main beam, and grossed about 160. I didn’t expect to kill a buck in velvet, but he still had most of his. We were back at camp around 5:00 in the evening.”

If you pulled a draw tag and take a hunt this fall in the US west (guided or DIY) let us know how it went!