Praise for Chartreuse Chamois Hunt in France with Toquero Hunting

Subscriber John Searles gives a hearty recommendation for a hunt in France for Chartreuse chamois, mouflon and boar with Spanish outfitter Juan Toquero of Toquero Hunting (011-34-649-82-45-40; We are familiar with Toquero from 10 positive reports on Spain hunts in the database, but we were not aware that he arranged hunting elsewhere in Europe. In Report 10983, Searles says that he hunted for six days in the Chartreuse Mountains north of Grenoble in Sept. with guide Vincent Schneider. Wife Sandy Searles also accompanied.

“The area hunted has ample amounts of game, although wild boar were scarce (we saw only two). Any hunt with Toquero Hunting is a wonderful experience, and Toquero is really at the top of his game. We’ve already booked for another European hunt with him in 2018.”

Via email, Searles writes, “Sandy and I have hunted all six continents since 1996 and have taken over 220 different species or subspecies to date. With that said, we particularly enjoy mountain hunting for the Capra/Ovis tribe. The Grand Slam/Ovis chamois list has 10 subspecies, and we have now hunted seven, including the most recent addition, Chartreuse chamois. We added this trophy to our bucket list when it became huntable again in 2011 [see Article 2900].

“Toquero’s local guide, Victor Schneider, is a charming young fellow who works as a ‘game guard’ in the area. He speaks no English, and our French made for some amusing dialogue. We hunted two different nearby areas and were housed in a lovely nineteenth-century stone house. Weather is typically mild in Sept., and we had perfect conditions. Everything was arranged perfectly, and we enjoyed good food and hospitality.” Searles’ chamois scored 26 7/8 SCI (green score). He gives the hunt cost as $14,000 US, which included trophy fees on three animals.

Toquero also contacted us by email. “John Searles has previously hunted with me for multiple species in Spain. In France I organize hunts for chamois, red stag and mouflon, and I also outfit Alpine ibex hunts in Austria. Elsewhere in Europe I specialize in mountain species, including all chamois subspecies. We hunt only free-range areas. I work with local guides I have employed for a long time, and I am also present on most hunts personally.”