Outfitter Critique: Thumbs-up Report for Alberta Whitetail Hunting with Alpine Outfitters

Subscriber Trent Barcroft reports on a whitetail deer hunt in Alberta, Canada (11059) with Alpine Outfitters (866-539-4209; www.alpineoutfitters.com). Barcroft had hunted wolf with them in early 2017 (Report 10836) based on the recommendation of a friend. Barcroft returned in Nov. 2017 for his whitetail hunt.

The outfitter picked up Barcroft at the Grand Prairie airport. Barcroft stayed in a house next to the outfitter’s home and describes his accommodations as “very comfortable with private bathrooms and bedrooms.”

Barcroft hunted out of shooting houses and blinds from dawn until dusk each day. Heaters located in the blinds kept them comfortable. Packed lunches consisted of “hot soup, a sandwich or two, other snacks and a Thermos of coffee.”

Barcroft describes the terrain as “mixed forest and fields in agricultural country around the outfitter’s farm. Hay fields presented some long shooting opportunities. Other stands were in forest clearings. Land was mostly rolling hills and fields. Temperatures during my hunt were as low as 5°F, and we had several days of snow. Maybe a foot and a half fell during my week.” Barcroft reports seeing healthy deer, abundant does and bucks every day.

Barcroft says there was one small hiccup during his hunt. Due to the cold temperatures, the firing pin in his rifle froze on the first day of his hunt, causing him to lose an opportunity on a nice buck. He texted the outfitter, who picked him up and returned to the farm where they degreased the bolt, and Barcroft returned to the stand. He says, “Don’t underestimate the cold!”

Barcroft says, “Deer movement dramatically increased the last day of my hunt. I took my deer on the last morning of the hunt while he was chasing a doe, this being a non-typical 11 point but only 2.5 years old. This young buck weighed 229 pounds and was in prime condition.” Barcroft reports a hunting cost of $4,495.

We caught up with Lowell Davis of Alpine Outfitters. They have been hunting this area of Alberta for 15 years, offering both private and public land hunts. They have a set number of tags available for nonresident hunters. He has openings for the coming season.