Namibia Implements Online Application of Firearm Import Permits

By Barbara Crown, Editor-in-Chief

You can now submit your application to import a hunting firearm to Namibia by email. The Namibian police has implemented an email application service for hunters flying into Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek. Your safari operator can send you application Form POL 573 to complete, along with an invitation letter confirming that you will be hunting in Namibia. Make sure the length of stay on the form is the same as your request for your visa issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Along with the application and invite letter, you must send a copy of your passport, proof of legal exportation of your firearm from the country of origin and proof that the firearm is licensed in the country of origin (for the US, Customs Form 4457 meets these requirements). Email all of this to Namibian police at

For now, you can submit your application by email only if you are entering Namibia through the international airport in Windhoek. There is no charge to apply for your permit. You will receive your permit upon arrival at the airport police station in Hosea Kutako.