Lion, Jumbo Imports; Tanzania VAT; Cam Charter Woes; Groenewalds Re-Arrested

Subscribers who follow us on Facebook (@H u n t i n g R e p o r t ) already know about a false report that Zimbabwe had been granted the right to export e l e p h a n t
trophies to the US. The incorrect news report was posted online July 6 on the Zimbabwe news website The Source ( Titled “Zim Gets US Waiver to Export Sport Hunting Trophies,” the story quoted Environment, Water and Climate Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri as saying that all trophies held in Zimbabwe since the import embargo would be exported in 2017 under “strict conditions.”

We immediately checked with US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS). Chief of Public Affairs Gavin Shire told us, “The ban on elephant trophy imports has not been lifted.”


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