Information, Please: Input on Hunt Videographers/Photographers

From time to time we hear about hunters employing videographers to make films of hunts, but it’s an aspect of the hunting industry we have not covered. A good safari makes a lot of good memories, and it makes sense that some hunters would want to relive the experience with a film. According to one Africa PH we spoke to, a significant number of clients bring a third party along on hunts and pay any necessary observer fees. Some hunters even take a preferred videographer on multiple trips around the world.

In an Aug. controversy (see Article 4114) we detailed an outfitter who charged a client a substantial sum to film his hunt professionally in 2013 and never delivered the promised film. This got us wondering about other subscribers’ experiences with hunting films. If you have had outfitters and/or videographers film or photograph your hunt, let us know about it. Was the experience positive or negative? Did the finished product meet your expectations? Do you have a production company that you would recommend to others? Email Justin Jones at or call us at 305-253-5301.