Hunting Report 6301

Hunter Information
Hunter Name:Mike Daley
Contact Information:705 W Union Ave., Modesto, CA 95356 , ; Phone: 209-527-0607 Email:
Hunting Experience:Many years and many different countries around the world.
Physical Condition:Good.
Date and Time of Hunt
Weapon Used:Rifle
How Hunt Was Conducted:
Date of Hunt:12/01/2006 to 12/03/2006
Place of Hunt: - Austria - 8
Hunting Area:
Outfitter, Guide and Booking Agent Details
Outfitter (or safari company):Hunt Trips Austria ; Reith 9 St Georgen, A-3344 Austria ; Phone: 011-43-7484-8080 Website:
Personal Guide (if any):Fritz
Booking Agent (if any):N/A ; , ;
Trip Arrangements (if self-guided):
License Required:
Game Description
Major Game Animals Taken:Hog, Wild; Chamois; Sheep, Mouflon
Game Sought But Not Taken:Ibex
Game Conditions Comments:Good.
Service Ratings
Quality of Outfit:GoodGuide/PH Ability:Excellent
Condition of Camp:ExcellentCondition of Equipment:Good
Quality of Food:ExcellentTrophy Care:Good
Name of Airline:UALAirline ServiceGood
Airline Comments:Good flight there and back.
Hunting Fees:Amount:$0.00
Trophy Fees:Amount:$0.00
Commercial Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Charter Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Other Costs:Amount:$0.00
Summary Remarks
Problems of Hunt:I was quoted and confirmed a price for Alpine ibex at US $7,900 for gold medal trophy. When I got there he said he could not do it for that price. New price was 15,000 Euros. Fritz would say one thing and then do another. Never gave me the straight up and up on anything. I was quoted in e-mail a rate of US $450 a day daily rate and charge in Euros. I was very mislead by him the entire time. I ended up paying 3,000 Euros for a wild boar which again he told me they would be around $1,200 for good trophy. He also told me this would be a free ranging hunt. It was interesting when I ran into a high fence hiking in the mountains and the guide had names for all of his red stags.
Highlights of Hunt:Some of the most beautiful country in the world.
Equipment Recommendations:
Would You Recommend This Hunt to a Friend?No
Why?Absolutely not. Hunter beware! This man did not honor one thing he said he would. It is a beautiful area but when a person changes his story each time you sit down with him, that is not right. He has kept my trophies after I paid him and will not contact me after all the e-mails I have sent. I don't think I have ever been so mad or had such a horrible thing happen to me. I will always give the guy the benefit of the doubt but I felt I was set up to be taken. He even had the nerve to ask me after why Americans won't come over there and hunt. I explained to him that we don't like playing those kinds of games. Needless to say I left early from the hunt. He couldn't understand why I would not shoot an ibex after he changed his price. He even gave me a price sheet in English and still made me pay differently at the end. I asked him to his face are these the prices I can go by. He said yes.
Important Notes
Notified Outfitter?YesNotified Personal Guide?NoNotified Booking Agent?No
Seeking any kind of restitution or other settlement from agent, booking_agent or guide?Yes
If Seeking Restitution, What is Sought?I would be happy with my Euro mounts of the trophies at this point.
Additional Hunter Comments and/or Outfitter/Booking Agent Rebuttals