Hunting Report 1541450570

Hunter Information
Hunter Name:Robert Coleman
Contact Information:32844 Chatham Lane Franklin,Michigan 48025 USA ; Phone: 2486137504 Email:
Hunting Experience:Extensive world wide..
Physical Condition:Fair
Date and Time of Hunt
Weapon Used:rifle
How Hunt Was Conducted:
Date of Hunt:10/20/2018 to 10/29/2018
Place of Hunt: - Not Found - 1
Hunting Area:Catapu & Macossa
Outfitter, Guide and Booking Agent Details
Outfitter (or safari company):Mashambanzou Safaris ; Terminal de Carga Beira, Mozambique ; Phone: 258823067676 Email: Website:
Personal Guide (if any):Martin Snyman
Booking Agent (if any):Booked Direct ; , ;
Trip Arrangements (if self-guided):
License Required:
Game Description
Major Game Animals Taken:Suni; Duiker, Red-Flanked; Grysbok, Sharpe
Game Sought But Not Taken:
Game Conditions Comments:
Service Ratings
Quality of Outfit:excellentGuide/PH Ability:excellent
Condition of Camp:excellentCondition of Equipment:excellent
Quality of Food:excellentTrophy Care:excellent
Name of Airline:Delta and SAAAirline Serviceexcellent
Airline Comments:
Hunting Fees:Amount:$4200.00
Trophy Fees:Amount:$3500.00
Commercial Airfares:Amount:$9000.00
Charter Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Other Costs:Rifle rental and GratuitiesAmount:$1700.00
Summary Remarks
Problems of Hunt:None
Highlights of Hunt:Martin , my PH is only 28 years old and absolute pleasure to hunt with. He had the knowledge and ability of a veteran PH. Enjoyed hunting in the real Africa.
Equipment Recommendations:Insect repellant
Would You Recommend This Hunt to a Friend?yes
Why?This was my second hunt through Grant Taylor and there wasn't a single flaw in either hunt. Eleven years ago I took a Hippo and Croc on the Zambezi with Grant.
Important Notes
Notified Outfitter?Notified Personal Guide?Notified Booking Agent?
Seeking any kind of restitution or other settlement from agent, booking_agent or guide?
If Seeking Restitution, What is Sought?
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