Hunting Report 1534268747

Hunter Information
Hunter Name:Peter Feuerle
Contact Information:4020 15th St. Chesapeake Beach,MD 20732 USA ; Phone: 301-855-2919 Email:
Hunting Experience:extensive
Physical Condition:fit for 78 years
Date and Time of Hunt
Weapon Used:rifle
How Hunt Was Conducted:
Date of Hunt:07/31/2018 to 08/04/2018
Place of Hunt: - Albania - 14
Hunting Area:west coast near Kangerlussuaq
Outfitter, Guide and Booking Agent Details
Outfitter (or safari company):Scandinavian Pro Hunters ; Storgatan 28 Vimmerby, S-59837 Sweden ; Phone: +46(0)470 33 445 Email: Website:
Personal Guide (if any):Stefan Bengtsson
Booking Agent (if any): ; , ;
Trip Arrangements (if self-guided):
License Required:
Game Description
Major Game Animals Taken:Muskox, Greenland
Game Sought But Not Taken:
Game Conditions Comments:
Service Ratings
Quality of Outfit:excellentGuide/PH Ability:excellent
Condition of Camp:excellentCondition of Equipment:excellent
Quality of Food:goodTrophy Care:excellent
Name of Airline:Scandinavian Airlines Greenland AirAirline Serviceexcellent
Airline Comments:
Hunting Fees:package, all inclusiveAmount:$6900.00
Trophy Fees:Amount:$0.00
Commercial Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Charter Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Other Costs:Amount:$0.00
Summary Remarks
Problems of Hunt:None
Highlights of Hunt:Six hunters in camp took six muskox in three days
Equipment Recommendations:Hunt was in August. Little rainfall that time of year. Daytime highs in the 50's and 60's. Normal fall hunting clothes for North America and leather boots are sufficient
Would You Recommend This Hunt to a Friend?yes
Why?Unusual trophy, unusual location, splendid team of local guides.
Important Notes
Notified Outfitter?Notified Personal Guide?Notified Booking Agent?
Seeking any kind of restitution or other settlement from agent, booking_agent or guide?
If Seeking Restitution, What is Sought?
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