Hunting Report 10624

Hunter Information
Hunter Name:Charles Elzer III
Contact Information:2305 87th St NW, Bradenton, FL USA, 34209 , ; Phone: 941-962-3968 Email:
Hunting Experience:5 safaris, 2X to Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Cameroon. 5 European hunts, 1X Argentina, Lifetime in US. Six states.
Physical Condition:Reasonably good at 55
Date and Time of Hunt
Weapon Used:Rifle
How Hunt Was Conducted:
Date of Hunt:09/23/2015 to 10/13/2015
Place of Hunt: - Mozambique - 1
Hunting Area:Block L1 Niassa Reserve Zone
Outfitter, Guide and Booking Agent Details
Outfitter (or safari company):Safrique ; P.O. Box 610623 Dallas,Texas 75261 ; Phone: 214-500-2088 Email: Website:
Personal Guide (if any):Paul Davies, PH and General Manager
Booking Agent (if any): ; , ;
Trip Arrangements (if self-guided):
License Required:
Game Description
Major Game Animals Taken:Lion; Sable; Buffalo, Cape; Eland, Livingstone; Zebra; Reedbuck; Warthog
Game Sought But Not Taken:Hyena; Bushpig; ; ; ;
Game Conditions Comments:The block has some interesting species such as Boehm's Zebra (which have no shadow stripes), and Lichtenstein's Hartebeest. Due to serious anti poaching efforts, the quality of game is excellent.
Service Ratings
Quality of Outfit:ExcellentGuide/PH Ability:Excellent
Condition of Camp:ExcellentCondition of Equipment:Good
Quality of Food:GoodTrophy Care:Excellent
Name of Airline:Delta and LAMAirline ServiceGood
Airline Comments:No issues. Afton House stay over and help with firearms in Joberg. Safrique has their own person in Maputo to meet and greet and assist in the stay over there. Both did a great job.
Hunting Fees:Amount:$0.00
Trophy Fees:Amount:$0.00
Commercial Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Charter Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Other Costs:Amount:$0.00
Summary Remarks
Problems of Hunt:None.
Highlights of Hunt:Hunting in an area that has an extraordinary number of lion and leopard. Taking a big old lion and other very old animals which is a testament to the conservation efforts there. Paul is a consummate professional who doesn't cut corners.
Equipment Recommendations:Good boots, a good gun and good hat.
Would You Recommend This Hunt to a Friend?yes
Why?If someone is interested in taking a leopard, I don't think there is a better place to go. This is a truly wild place and the abundance of leopard and lion is extraordinary. There are not huge herds of antelope but there is plenty of game. Taking an old lion, an ancient buffalo, a very old eland means more to me than inches in the book. The camp is run in a first rate fashion. Be prepared and shoot well. The shots can be quick.
Important Notes
Notified Outfitter?noNotified Personal Guide?noNotified Booking Agent?no
Seeking any kind of restitution or other settlement from agent, booking_agent or guide?no
If Seeking Restitution, What is Sought?
Additional Hunter Comments and/or Outfitter/Booking Agent Rebuttals