Hunting Report 10341

Hunter Information
Hunter Name:'Ed Lee
Contact Information:3554 e. 520, salina, ok. , , ; Phone: 918-803-8667 Email:
Hunting Experience:hunted big game in 15 states, taken elk, mule deer, whitetail, axis deer, wild hog, turkey, predators, antelope, and alligator. In Zimbabwe took cape buffalo, kudu, impala, and baboon
Physical Condition:excellent
Date and Time of Hunt
Weapon Used:Shotgun
How Hunt Was Conducted:
Date of Hunt:09/26/2015 to 09/28/2015
Place of Hunt:Florida - United States - 13
Hunting Area:Ft. McCoy
Outfitter, Guide and Booking Agent Details
Outfitter (or safari company):Blacktine Outfitters ; 9293 NE 199th St. Rd. Ft. McCoy,FL ; Phone: 352-816-5809 Email: Website:
Personal Guide (if any):Trenton Lewis
Booking Agent (if any): ; , ;
Trip Arrangements (if self-guided):
License Required:
Game Description
Major Game Animals Taken:Alligator
Game Sought But Not Taken:; ; ;
Game Conditions Comments:
Service Ratings
Quality of Outfit:PoorGuide/PH Ability:Fair
Condition of Camp:N/ACondition of Equipment:N/A
Quality of Food:N/ATrophy Care:Poor
Name of Airline:Airline ServiceN/A
Airline Comments:
Hunting Fees:hunting feeAmount:$1400.00
Trophy Fees:Amount:$0.00
Permits/Licenses:trapping agent licenseAmount:$52.00
Commercial Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Charter Airfares:Amount:$0.00
Other Costs:Amount:$0.00
Summary Remarks
Problems of Hunt:After driving 1300 miles, guide would not answer phone when we arrived. We were told we would hunt from a boat he did not even own a boat. we had 2 permits and took 2 alligators , the only gators we saw, were the 2 we took. They had no camp. No meals. we were told that should our tip not be enough he had our credit card numbers and would take what he thought was right. During the hunt we would be told to meet at a certain time, he may show up an hour later. very, very, very unprofessional.
Highlights of Hunt:Taking the gators with a .410 slug and fighting them on the line.
Equipment Recommendations:I don't know, but i'm pretty sure we didn't use it
Would You Recommend This Hunt to a Friend?no
Why?treated like that after payment was made we weren't even there. Most unprofessional outfitter I've ever used anywhere.
Important Notes
Notified Outfitter?noNotified Personal Guide?noNotified Booking Agent?no
Seeking any kind of restitution or other settlement from agent, booking_agent or guide?no
If Seeking Restitution, What is Sought?
Additional Hunter Comments and/or Outfitter/Booking Agent Rebuttals