Hunter Reports Great Ibex Hunt in Turkey with Wild Hunting in Turkey

Subscriber Miguel Estade reports an excellent experience on a bezoar ibex hunt in Turkey with Temir and Kursat Ekenler of Wild Hunting in Turkey (; 011-90-532-614-5599).

In Report 10856 he writes, “I hunted in the area southeast of Sivas in the east Central Anatolia region on a seven-day trip in March. As I understand, this area has ibex that are the biggest in body in Turkey, with very well-developed horns. Wild Hunting in Turkey has one of the best hunting teams I’ve been in the mountains with. This is a physical hunt, so be in the best shape possible and bring quality boots.”

In a follow-up email Estade writes, “I booked this hunt because the Ekenlers indicated that I would have a chance to take a better ibex than on previous hunts in the areas around Adana and Antalya. Indeed, I found better trophy potential in the area and took a personal-best bezoar ibex. This hunt was also better than previous Turkey hunts in terms of organization, guiding and personalized attention to detail.

“On the way, I flew to Istanbul and then onto Kaisery, where we met with the Ekenlers for a three-hour drive to Divrigi. We stayed in a comfortable three-star hotel with good dining about a half hour from the hunting area.

“Temir Ekenler guided my hunting partner, and Kursat Ekenler guided my hunt. My partner took a very big trophy ibex as well. During the hunt, Ekenler and two or three other guides and scouts worked together, always accompanied by an official game warden. The team arrived 10 days before our hunt to look for trophy animals and to open routes following the heavy winter snowfall.

“We hunted in picturesque mountains between 4,000 and 7,000 feet high. There was hard climbing in places, but the terrain was not as difficult as in some areas in southern Turkey. The presence of wolves and bears in the area makes the ibex somewhat spooky, but we saw several shooter males each day. The Ekenlers and their team are all skilled hunters and simpatico, and I have no reservations about recommending this outfit.”