Guns in Suitcases Are Risky for Travelers to Spain

Thinking about packing your rifle in a suit case? Don’t do it in Spain. European correspondent Dr. Rolf Baldus contacted us recently to warn of a travel snafu he encountered flying to Spain when he packed his takedown rifle in a hard suitcase, as it’s less conspicuous than a separate gun case.

Although he had no problem getting his gun onto a Lufthansa flight, he ran into issues with Spanish customs, which wanted his rifle in a separate gun case and his ammo in regular luggage. He says it was the first time he’d run into problems with a government requiring this. Fortunately, he convinced the customs official that he had no other option available and he was allowed to proceed.

We checked with Steve Turner of Travel with Guns (210-858-9833;, who tells us this is usually more of a problem with airlines, where, by regulation, ammo must be separated from guns, and guns must be in their own locked case. But he was able to direct us to this website,, which outlines similar requirements when arriving in or transiting through Spain.

We recommend always complying fully with airline regulations. Though it might be common sense to carry guns in a less conspicuous manner, you run a real risk of being denied boarding on a plane or entry into the country you are hunting. If you run into similar issues in your travels, please let us know.