Controversy Followup: Hunting DVD Produced after Four-Year Wait

May 2018 issue, By Barbara Crown, Editor-in-Chief

In our August 2017 issue we told you about a complaint from subscriber Mike Benben in which he had paid $5,000 to have his hunt filmed professionally but had never received the DVD of his hunt. (See Report 10921.) Benben had hunted in Tanzania with Sherdell Sherdell of Mwatisi Safaris in 2013 and arranged the filming through him. After four years of repeated communications by email, phone and in person at the subsequent hunting conventions, Benben was unable to get his DVD. Finally, he asked The Hunting Report to contact Sherdell about the problem.

Initially, Sherdell responded to our inquiry with promises to deliver the DVD in short order. He gave us several self-imposed deadlines, and he proceeded to run right over all of them. We finally published Benben’s complaint in August after four months of back and forth with Sherdell. Then this past February, Sherdell appeared at The Hunting Report’s booth at the Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas with the DVD in hand. He asked that we let readers know that he came through in the end. We shipped the DVD to Benben who informed us that all was in good order and he is satisfied with the product. “Thank you for making this happen,” he says. “If not for your involvement, I might still be waiting.”