Controversy Follow-up: More from Todd Rice’s Attorney

In our Feb. issue (page 13), we published news that Todd Rice of Sonoran Outfitters had entered into a consent judgement for a consumer fraud law suit brought against him in Arizona. He agreed to pay $30,000 to 10 plaintiffs in the case, with an additional $30,000 available to other valid complainants who might come to light. We now know of two subscribers who have filed complaints with the AZ Attorney General’s office since our last report. If you feel you have a valid complaint against Rice, you have until April 2, 2018, to file. You can file a complaint by contacting the AZ Attorney General’s Office at 800-352-8431 or at

On Feb. 14, we received an email from Kathryn Mahady, an attorney with AWD Law of Sedona, AZ. We are passing along the full text of her email without comment and placing it in our file on Rice.

“This office represents Sonoran Outfitters, LLC, on the matter filed by the Arizona Attorney General. The Hunting Report published the Arizona Attorney General’s Press Release, which contained an inaccurate statement.

“The statement Sonoran Outfitters cannot operate until the restitution is paid is inaccurate. Sonoran Outfitters is operating, has many hunting trips booked for clients in 2018 and 2019, and provided hundreds of successful hunting trips in 2017, 2016, and since its inception in 2005. The company will pay the restitution identified in the judgment as soon as possible and does not intend to appeal the judgment. The company’s website is:

“Additionally, Sonoran Outfitters did not admit to fraud in the judgment it entered with the Attorney General and there is, of course, very much more to the story than the one document provides. Sonoran Outfitters determined settling the matter was the most economical means of resolving the case, which had been pending for over a year and was making it very difficult for the company to continue running its small business based out of Flagstaff.”

Our advice remains the same: do your due diligence on any outfitter you are considering and always get everything in writing before placing a deposit on any hunt. That’s especially true if the outfitter has a long and well-documented history of customer satisfaction issues. Caveat emptor!