Controversy Follow-up: A Second Hunter Unhappy with Safari in Mozambique

Following publication of Rustom Kharegat’s negative report on Simon Rodger’s Safaris de Moçambique in our Sept. issue (see page 14; Report 10922), we received an email from subscriber Cal Speckman about his experience with this outfit.

Speckman writes: “We booked a hunt with Safaris de Moçambique back in 2013. The hunt was mostly for my wife, Roxy, for lion and other things. We booked it through Russell Selle.

“The outfitter is one we would never recommend. Though we paid everything except trophy fees to Russell ahead of time, when their guide met us in the airport in Zimbabwe for the charter flight to the border, we were informed we needed to pay an extra $1,000, in cash, for fuel. We had no other option. The PH, Rob Oostindien, was outstanding. Later we learned that he used to run that camp, but Simon’s daughter’s boyfriend was in charge while we were there. He freely said he had no interest in hunting (strange comment to make to your client).

“We only met Simon one night, as he was showing this spike camp to another high-flying potential hunter and his lady friend. Simon was not a friendly person and appeared to be more interested in this potential hunter.

“We did have a good hunt with Rob. Roxy shot a large croc, lion and hippo. I also shot a couple animals. This was a primitive area, where they were just building roads, so animals were not as abundant as in more ‘developed’ hunting areas. But we are used to really having to hunt hard for our animals.

“At the end of the hunt we were presented with a different trophy fee price list than the one we’d agreed to. Even Russell had not been informed of this new list, and was Rob aware of it either. Also, we were informed we needed to pay another $1,000 in cash or the plane would not pick us up. Strange negotiations when they had our passports and we had no other way to get out.

“Our trophies were supposed to ship at the end of their season. That came and went. The story was that they forgot to ship them. They did ship a year later. We did receive them and they were in good shape.

“I would never recommend this outfit, as there are too many ‘surprises’ when you are there. We are reluctant to give negative reports, but because others had problems, I wanted to support their claims.”

If you have hunted with Safaris de Moçambique, especially in the recent past, we would like to hear about your experience, good or bad. Please file a report and help clarify the picture on this outfit.