Conservation Force Bulletin: SPORTS AFIELD and Rowland Ward Become Corporate Sponsors of Conservation Force

Conservation Force has been very selective about our corporate sponsors. We are now proud to announce two more. The first is SPORTS AFIELD, the world’s premier hunting and adventure magazine, established in 1887. See The magazine is the “oldest outdoor publication in North America.” That is the kind of sponsor we want to have.

The magazine has gone through many changes in its 131 years, but today it is a high-quality, high-end magazine focused exclusively on big-game hunting adventure and particularly on adventure writing for traveling big-game hunters, which fits well with the work of Conservation Force. The primary goal is to inspire hunters with exciting adventure stories about the most desirable game species. In addition, the magazine strives to keep hunters informed with articles that cover top hunting destinations, tools and gear, conservation issues, and the skills they need to successfully pursue a variety of game animals. All of this, too, fits with Conservation Force. The magazine is owned by Safari Press.

The second sponsor is Rowland Ward Ltd., founded 1870, and also owned by Safari Press. The most enduring and most famous publication of Rowland Ward’s is Records of Big Game, the original of the record books, first started in 1882. See The entries in the record book include the true “who’s who” like King George V, Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Winston Churchill, President Theodore Roosevelt and more recently after World War II, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, and Jack O’Connor, to name but a few historic entrants. Today it is in its 29th EDITION. Two of the record book’s distinctions are its emphasis on the quality of the animal rather than the hunter, and its dedication to fair-chase.

The mission of Rowland Ward is to help preserve and increase the habitat of (large) fauna worldwide by supporting sustainable fair-chase hunting with a direct benefit to the local indigenous people of the areas involved. To further this goal, Rowland Ward maintains an accurate and credible database of measurements of big-game animals from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania that have been hunted only under the highest fair-chase standards. This too fits well with Conservation Force.

An interesting thing about Rowland was all of his family were taxidermists as well as publicists. His father, Edwin Henry Rowland, traveled with John James Audubon on his expeditions and collected and prepared the bird skins for Audubon that were later used in the artist’s masterpiece The Birds of America.