Conservation Force: Annual Reports Due for Breeding and Cull Permits

This is a reminder that the deadline for filing Annual Reports for Captive Breeding and Take/Cull permits with FWS’ Division of Management Authority (DMA) is March 31, 2018. This is a condition of renewal of the permits that appears on the face of the permits. Permittees should also remember to file renewal of the permits timely. Timely is when it can be proven to have been delivered/received at the DMA more than 30 days before the expiration date. When the renewal form reaches DMA more than 30 days before expiration the permit (whether captive or cull/take) stays in effect until it is renewed. When it does not reach DMA 30 days in advance it can take a year or more for renewal, during which period the permitted activity is prohibited. When the renewal application is received more than 30 days in advance, it remains in effect no matter how long the DMA takes to process the renewal. Believe me, that is what you want.