Briefly Noted: South Dakota Discontinues Paper Applications

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (SDGFP) has announced an application process change for spring turkey, paddlefish and special buck applications, which goes into effect with this spring turkey application period. For these licenses, SDGFP will no longer provide paper applications.

In an analysis of the 2016 data, SDGFP found that of 24,041 applications submitted, only 6% (1,514) were submitted on the printed paper forms. The vast majority of applications were either submitted online or on applications downloaded from the web.

SDGFP will continue to accept paper applications, which can be downloaded from their website. Of course, you can apply online at as well. Increasingly, agencies are finding online commerce less expensive than traditional paper-based transactions, and we expect the trend to continue. Though other application forms will continue to be printed for now, expect SD and other states to migrate to online systems for all licensing.