A Recommended Sonora Bighorn-Muley Combo

Paul Dachton (right) took Canadian sheep guide Stephanie Shipply on her first desert bighorn sheep hunt with Ivan Flores.


Leighann Bodenchuk, Editorial Assistant

Paul Dachton reports this month on a desert bighorn and mule deer hunt in Sonora (11151) with Ivan Flores (011-52-662-217-4797). This was Dachton’s second sheep hunt with Flores, and he hunted alongside his favorite sheep guide from Canada, Stephanie Shipply, on her first desert sheep hunt.

Dachton flew to Hermosillo, where the outfitter picked them up and drove them two hours to the ranch. They stayed in a large home that Dachton describes as a “very comfortable place to stay.” He reports the property is around 50,000 acres of free range, which they hunted from high rack pickup trucks. Dachton says, “We left the camp at daylight and were hunting as soon as we left. We would hunt until 11 a.m. or 12 noon, come back for lunch and at approximately 3 p.m. were back out riding around hunting. The mornings were in the 30s; the days got into the 80s with a crystal blue sky. This ranch is directly on the ocean, so the scenery was breathtaking.”

On the first day out, Shipply picked her 174-class desert ram out of a group of five rams, all in the 160 class. Dachton scored his 168-class ram on the second day. This was his fifth desert sheep from Mexico. Over the next 10 days, the two hunted mule deer. Dachton says, “We ended up taking a total of five, all around the 170 to 180 class. We saw larger but were unable to connect with them.”

Worried about the challenge of a sheep hunt? Dachton says, “This is a hunt that pretty much anyone could do. It is the easiest of all the North American sheep. A lot of the sheep we could spot from the truck, and the terrain was fairly easy to get to them.” He reports seeing over 50 rams during his trip.

Overall, Dachton says, “Everything that was promised, and more, was delivered. The food was top notch. There was a chef with us at all times. Whatever we needed, she had it for us. We would have steak and seafood almost every night. It doesn’t get any better than this.” Dachton has already booked another sheep and deer hunt with Flores for next year. If you’re interested in Dachton’s previous report with Flores, be sure to check out Report 10904 in our database.